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Calendar Converter


The universal calendar converter


Calendar Converter will allow you to convert dates between different calendars. These calendars are Gregorian, Julian, French Republican, Muslim and Hebrew calendars.

You can enter a date for one of these calendars and the date will then automatically be converted into the other calendars. There are buttons to navigate through the dates : increment and decrement, return to today's date.

You can choose the calendars to display. The calendar type display is cutomizable : icon and/or calendar name.

You can shift the date in the Muslim calendar by +/- 1 day. Indeed, the calculation methods are different depending on countries. So that allows you to set the right one.

4 widgets are available to display mono or multi calendars. There are 2 sizes : 4x1 and 2x1. So you can display on your home page the calendars you want to see.



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